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We began hosting Asylum Seekers in early 2020

in response to the increasing number of federal

policies that limited and undermined an

effective petition for asylum. We respect the

commitment of immigrants who choose the

United States as their home, investing their

energies into building our nation, and sharing

the richness of their experiences and culture

with all of us. In keeping with these values, it is

our mission to support Asylum Seekers through

both personal relationships and with material

resources, looking toward a successful outcome

in Immigration Court and a meaningful

life in the United States.

With this mission in mind, we create teams to accompany Asylum Seekers in hospitality and
companionship as they journey through the legal process they are a part of.


This includes:

• Hosting our guest in the home of one of our team members

• Financially providing for their initial needs upon release

• Connecting them with the larger community and its resources

• Emotionally supporting them as well as the entire team

Recognizing the leadership of existing community organizations, and in particular those led by
immigrants themselves, we seek to find our own unique role in the system of support and
advocacy for our immigrant neighbors. We look for ways to leverage our resources in
coordination with the larger effort, being neither competitive nor redundant in our
participation. We draw from the wisdom of those who are already active in this effort, not only in

our own city, but across our state and nation.

We look forward to creating a sustainable system that can be replicated by other community groups who also desire to welcome immigrants and asylum seekers into their communities. This effort is the result of that vision.

The Colorado Hosting Asylum Network is a 501c3 dedicated to supporting Asylum Seekers as they pursue their application for protection in the United States. 

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