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TOPIC: What about the crime that migrants bring across the border?


Question: How many people consent to being smuggled across the border?

Answer: Smuggling is when a person consents to being taken across a border in violation of immigration laws, but they have chosen to do so themselves. Many people who travel to the US from countries around the world pay a smuggler to assist them, but how many is unknown. 


Question: How much do smugglers charge?

Answer: Smugglers charge $3K-$4K to cross the Mexico-US border, more if they want to transport to an inland city also.

The cost increases significantly if it includes an international starting point. For example, it costs $7K to $10K from Central America, $50K from China and $60K from India.  Source: Open Borders


Question: How many people are trafficked?

Answer: How many people were victims of trafficking is unknown.


Trafficking is not the same as smuggling. Trafficked people have not chosen to be taken across a border themselves. Instead, they are forced by their trafficker. People can be trafficked in many ways – both by beginning in the US itself and by bringing people across borders for the purpose of forced labor of some kind. Trafficking investigations usually take place in the interior of the United States, and are conducted by ICE. In 2021, ICE conducted 1,111 investigations and arrested 2,360 traffickers.   Source: Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


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