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A Few Words from Denise Chang, CHAN's executive director

I spent two years as a volunteer teaching English inside the Aurora Detention Center, and it broke my heart to see people with compelling asylum cases lose simply because they could not access the resources they needed to properly prepare for their court appearance. Legal assistance, translation of documents, the ability to gather and assemble evidence, and understanding rights and responsibilities are crucial to a successful and effective filing. But I also watched people fail because of despair, exhaustion, deception, abuse and loneliness. CHAN was formed to create dedicated communities to support our asylum seekers with the resources they need to navigate the long and difficult asylum process and heal from the trauma that drove them to seek asylum in the first place. People want to help, and so we organize tangible and meaningful ways to get to know and help the real people who have sought protection here in our community. I am blown away by the commitment of so many people who have volunteered in so many ways and donated so many services, resources and money to welcome them. I am proud to be from Colorado!

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