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"We will demonstrate humanity and compassion here."
Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

The Colorado Hosting Asylum Network is an organization that adapts to a constantly changing political climate. We at CHAN are always watching the news to stay up to date with the most efficient ways to respond to communicate and host our guests.

Here are the stories that we read to learn what will happen next. 

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Updated: 12-16-2022

By:  Saja Hindi and The Denver Post


Mayor Michael Hancock issued an emergency declaration for the city and county of Denver on Thursday in response to the surge of migrants who have arrived over the past 10 days.

Since Monday, 247 migrants have made their way to Denver through various modes of transportation. Seventy-five arrived at local homeless shelters overnight — a time that Hancock noted puts even more pressure on the system because of the cold weather.

Hancock reiterated at a news conference Thursday that the migrants and asylum seekers were coming either on their own or at the encouragement of nonprofit organizations at the border that have provided recommendations for places they can go without advanced notice. Many have made their way to Denver via El Paso, Texas.

The declaration alerts Gov. Jared Polis that Denver is enacting a state of local emergency, and therefore allows the city, businesses and residents to apply for funding from the federal and state governments. It also gives Hancock more flexibility with spending, so the city can get what it needs more quickly...


Photo: Saja Hindi, The Denver Post

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CHAN depends on the generosity of our volunteers and hosts, during this busy time. 

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